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Thursday, 08 July 2010 15:12
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How to make the most out of Google Adswords
Performance assesment of keywords to shoot up effectiveness of an ad
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Careful selection of keywords is what to look for

Your decision to go for Google Adwords is a welcome step for enhancing your business on the Web. But your good intentions to give your business a jump start, or accelerate its revenue generation needs a little research before it becomes a turning point in your business. Or it goes the way you have envisioned it to be.

No one running a business ever wishes that the crucial dollars spend on the business for online marketing would result into frustrating Click through Rate (CTR), disheartening Conversion to Sales (CTS), and equally dismal end results. Your online advertising campaign may drain out your budget, only to strain your business equations if you have not given careful and incisive attention to your selection of keywords.

Quality does matter over quantity: Use the keywords searchers use

There is absolutely no sense to use a bundle of keywords to drive traffic to your site when you can perform better with fewer keywords, which come form focused research. It is better to analyze the nature of your business, who your customers are, what keywords your competitors are using, and how best you can choose a keyword which suggests the specialty of your offerings vis-à-vis other players in same market segment and yet leads to pretty good amount of traffic diversion to your site.

To reap rich dividends from Google Adwords, it becomes crucial to fine tune or refine your key terms for the ads. A good webmaster appreciates the fact that it pays to be a bit specific in opting for the keywords, and go for the exact match to make the most out of Google Adwords.

As is clear so far that to put a most targeted Google Adwords campaign, keywords need to be fewer, focused, well-researched, and in the language users are habitual to use. To do fine along such lines, one might use the tips and techniques available on authoritative SEO portals and platforms, and from Google’s pages offering an insight into this subject.

Enhancing the effectiveness of Google Adwords

Once you are finished with research on keywords, and settled down with a few keywords, then comes the turn of categorizing your ad campaign. You might be contemplating your online marketing campaign for a particular product class, let’s say, some consumer goods, it is recommended to decide what are the keywords that would do good with each product under this category. This classification will, of course, help you to evaluate the effectiveness of the keywords for each product. This is how you will continue with more paying keywords, and will stop incurring costs on non performing keywords to make your ad campaign deliver more good.

Develop captivating and market driven titles of the ads

The web space for Google Adwords does not come cheap, and is not in plenty. Fundamentals of business say that each and every inch of this should a value addition to you business. It should define your business, or serve your purpose what it is planed to for individual product or product category. The best way to make it all happen is to go for such a title which catches and captivates the attention of users to be clicked so that sales may happen. If the titles briefly contain what users are going to type in for what they are looking for, they are to be hit upon. The titles should also contain some words that not only detonate the availability of what searchers are trying to find, but also some add on benefits like some saleable features, price advantage, better quality and so on.

Copy of ads is what makes or loses a customer

The title of an ad brings the viewer to its body text. How far the customers go from here depends on how enticing the copy below the title is, and whether the copy is pushing the product to the eventual sale.

There are few vital aspects for the copy of an ad. The ad copy should make the viewer think that it caters to the felt need, or it provides the solution what the users are surfing to find. The copy of the ad should be skillfully crafted to market the product or service.

Research suggests that certain words are very dear to customers like Free, Off, Never Before Prices, Bargains, Hot Deals, etc. So, your ads may use a good combination of such selling words to describe what’s on the offer. This is not all; the copy should contain strong call to action like Buy Now! Limited Offer! Hurry up or Lose! Purchase Now for More Discount! etc.

Performance assessment of keywords to shoot up effectiveness of an ad

Assessing the results of keywords is an exercise most webmasters ignore, or do not feel it an engagement to be in. That’s the reason webmasters are caught in situations wherein they no longer see the results as in the past, and cry over the split milk.

Google Adwords features an option which enables the webmaster to put in place the tracking code on the page next to a materialized sale or a qualified lead capture. The tracking code is often less used tool to track the conversion and decipher a distinct pattern of buyer browsing behavior to escalate profits. The tracking code can help you optimize your ad titles or ad copies, and do a pretty good experimentation for higher return on investments, and hence a more effective online advertisement campaign.

The experimentation with the ad titles or ad copies may include writing them in all lower cases, or all upper cases, or some eye catching styles or fonts; you can see for yourself with an eye on the tracking code what clicks, and what does not. Another important consideration could be making your URLs more and more inclusive of keywords and tracking their effectiveness to go for a URL along with studies styles, fonts, or cases which can make a big impact on the end results.

Use Phrase Match/Exact Match in Google Adwords to increase Click through Rate

Quality always matters over quantity, and that’s why it is better to opt for Phrase Match or Exact Match in Google Adwords. It will drive qualified leads to the site, and hence there is greater chance of a conversion or a sale. To opt for Phrase Match you need to use quotation marks around your keywords, and it likely raise CTR of the ad. Going for Exact Match in Google Adwords means you have to keep your keywords in brackets, and it will add specificity to the meaningful traffic. Going for these matches carves out a niche as far as performance and associated costs of Google Adwords campaign are concerned.

In addition to this, it always better to target the geographies for which your ad can be particularly advantageous for both –- your business in terms of sales and customers in terms of their need satisfaction. So, you can specify the parts of the globe in Google Adwords wherein your ad may appear, and is likely to perform better.

Lesson: Innovation is what keeps you ahead of the rest

Google Adwords is a powerful online advertising vehicle to market your products and services, to build your brand image, and to be engaged in market research -- just to give your promotional campaign a new height. What shows you the way all through is how best you use your brains for the innovative use of Google Adwords with a bit of research and experimentation.

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