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Thursday, 08 July 2010 15:02

Pre-emptive measures hold answer to growth blues

The pangs of growth

Every webmaster nourishes the dream that his or her web site will make it the big way. This is very much human because people carry out any task in ardent hope. What is more human out here is that earthy fellows like us base our aspirations more on speculation rather than specific set of steps undertaken to bring the dream a bit closer to reality. And this is not all, particularly in case of growth of a site which brings newer problems in the wake of its growth.

The problems that are the logical outcome of the growth of a site can be gravest in nature if web master does not gradually prepare the site to deal with such problems in due anticipation of its growth.

Pre-emptive measures hold answer to growth blues

It does not take ages for a brand new site to become hit and popular. Once the site grows in traffic, popularity and size, a whole lot new problems begin to surface.  The roots of these problems essentially boil down to hosting and design aspects like bandwidth allotment, amount of web space, a good web host, data transfer, disk space, technical support etc.

The heart of the matter is that there was nothing problematic with such aspects when you embarked on your way.  Once you experience the popularity of site, and end up witnessing crippling losses due to down time, server crashes, or lack of timely and competent technical support, you begin to realize that you could have prevented such losses. You learn the hard way… only if you had taken into consideration the evolving needs of your site.

In order to save you from eleventh hour hassles, pre-emptive measures must figure out in your negotiation with the web host as to how and in what manner growing needs of your site will be catered to by host’s extended services.

A stitch in time saves nine: Tackling issues around growth proactively

Glitches surrounding traffic and bandwidth

One can never loose sight of the traffic problem no matter whether the site is big or small, painfully obscure or profitably popular. To make the point a little clear, when the site is just new born, or in its infancy, it suffers from the traffic woes of no or very few visitors. The moment site jumps off on the way of getting more and more visitors, data transfer policy previously agreed upon with your host suddenly seems to be incompatible and not enough facilitating.

To ward off such glitches, you should discuss the traffic overage policy with your host hoping that your site is all geared up for an eventual growth. You should be crystal clear on the counts like how you can extend your data transfer allocation depending on your needs and wants, and do not fall prey to prepaying the charges for allocation you do not need at the moment.

Moreover, talk to your web host to be assured that technical or compatibility problems do not crop up once you are on a extension spree. To cut it short, your transition to more bandwidth has to be facilitating,  smooth and hassle-free with least possibility of being on the receiving end.

Problems surrounding page updation

When you eye for growth, it is always advisable to keep all the common feature of site in a single location. This is because once you start updating your web pages in the aftermath of growth, you might encounter a cumbersome task of searching through numerous odd pages to update them.

There are certain convenient ways to simplify the updation process. You may well  use server side includes (SSI),   employ frames, and go for dynamically generating it from a template. These provisions will help you modify the design of your web pages when they are on headway to growth. Not to mention here, it will give you an escape from the huge headache you might otherwise be having. What’s more, the   updation process will be considerably synchronized.

Problems of robust and reliable technical support

In the glorious days of your web site growth in terms of size, popularity, and business prospects nothing seems to be so important as your upkeep time. The occurrences of downtime, that too in most crucial of the moments like peak period or so, can be a dreaded nightmare.

The growth of your web site makes it more vulnerable to technical failure, hardware crashes, or downtime instances. And hence comes the critical need of robust and reliable technical support like never before. Your web host which hitherto provided you bankable support may cease to continue to be reliable anymore. This is simply because newer problems might require a different set of technical preparedness and expertise on the part of web host to fix them.

So, a little deliberations on the technical solutions delivery of web host and its pace is the need of the such moments.

Price, reliability and web hosting

How much you can rely on the competence and ready willingness of your host during crisis moments is a vital consideration while giving a head start to your host. Interesting enough, there are certain inferences which shed light on the correlation between reliability and price of web hosting. It is not hard to find tempting offers of free web hosting all around. Be sure nothing comes for free, and reliability, not in the least.

There is also another dimension to it. Even if you finalize a web host who charges hefty fees, it does not necessarily promise the quality, agility, and reliability of web hosting. But as long as you are willing to pay, you stand a chance of getting better services, but it can misfire too.

Web hosting is an amazing industry wherein tall and tempting claims are made, available for free to huge prices, with technical support ranging from non-existent, namesake to robust backing. Ground realities are often shrouded in advertising gimmicks, and you need to dig a little to probe what you want and what they claim to offer. You can minimize the element of risk by checking out the credential of firms, word-of-mouth, and client testimonials but in an analytical fashion.

Timely and competent help is crucial once your site is experiencing terrific visitors. The resultant losses arising out of down time, frequent crashes, technical failure and lack of qualified and willing hands to timely deal with such issues can drastically negate the benefits of saving a few bucks in selection of your host.

Do not be penny-wise and pound foolish

It cannot be disputed that you can probably get some good web hosting on economy price. But if you expect top of the line service on this price, acknowledge gracefully that your are just asking for the moon. Probably you are not catching up with wisdom that business needs decisive investments.

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